About us.

In the quest for a memorable brand name, Deferichs was born, inspired by our last name.

We are a family and team of happy people. We work together, sharing the same vision, and feel; nothing makes us happier than creating a masterpiece; we specialize in personalized goods that will always be remembered and treasured.

As a family, we share the vision that the products we do today will hopefully be handed down through generations; it fuels and drives our desire to strive for perfection, and we ensure that every aspect of your order exceeds your expectations.

It's hard to say when it really started because it came about so gradually. Before selling online, my parents sold my products in our brick-and-mortar shop. It's safe to say, though, that I had an official start when I started selling in my Etsy shop around 2011. From that date, I have been committed to offering unique products of the highest quality at a great price.

I’m the son of wonderful parents who have a printing shop dedicated to creating wedding stationery.

As I grew up surrounded by Chandler and Price letterpress machines, inks, plates, and paper that were transformed into what I would call art, I felt the need to create something with my hands; this let me explore the fascinating world of woodworking.
My parents encouraged me to establish my own business. They taught me that I should manufacture all my products with the same craftsmanship they put into their stationery; this remains a major inspiration for me.

I believe in the art of craftsmanship; there’s pride and joy with each product carefully made by hand. I have chosen to use wood that has stood the test of time for more than 100 years; sturdy solid pine wood, beautifully distressed. Every unique piece offers organic sophistication and timeless quality.